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PPC ads are hyperlinked text ads that appear at the top or the side of search results pages. They are short ads that use target keywords that really qualify traffic to your website or store. You will only pay for the ads when someone clicks on it and visit your website. PPC are great ads that will out compete your competitors and will quickly appear on the front page of search engines to put you ahead.

How We Can Help You?

We will help you craft the right campaign that targets the specific audience you desire and put your brand right in front of them. Whenever your target audience are searching for the product or service you offer, your brand is going to appear at the top of search results which gives you the leverage and increases your website chances of being clicked-through. The same applies to other PPC channels like social media.

Our PPC Process

Whether you are an online store selling physical goods or you sell digital products or you sell services or you sell online courses, PPC will go a long way in ensuring that you get the desired traffic, conversion and sales you need to be profitable.

Google Ads

google ads - pp

Google ads was introduced by google to sell advertisement to business and marketers who are looking for ways to rank high on search results page. Google ads works perfectly in promoting business websites and mobile apps on google play store so that the intended customers will be able to patronize your products and services.

Instagram Ads

insta ad - pp

With Instagram ads you can also increase product sales, mobile app downloads and even visitors to your shop. Instagram is actually great for mobile app engagement and website conversions. Like stated earlier, Instagram ads is much like Facebook ads as it uses pretty much the same powerful advertising tools as Facebook. So you can set up an ad, run it and also track campaigns in the same way as Facebook ads.

Facebook Ads

facebook ads-pp

There are different type of Facebook ads ranging from Image ads, video ads, video poll ads, carousel ads slideshow ads, collection ads, messenger ads, story ads etc. Facebook ad campaigns can be run for as many days as desired, it all depends on the ad budget of your business and the number of people you want to target.

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