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We are Passionate creators and insatiable hustlers

What we do

Creative & Digital

We are a multi-faceted company, we are design oriented in our approach . We are a brand who understands that design , functionality and marketing pitch should go hand in hand. We perform our functions in Digital marketing, Advertising , Branding , Website and App Design & Development , SEO and Content Writing. Yeah!! Every Agency says the same thing, check out our services page to see the depth of services we provide.

About us

Mad Parrot

Mad Parrot started with a simple Idea that we can integrate the local marketing platforms with the other marketing channels and provide rich and powerful marketing setup to the small brands . We shall echo your advertisement and bring in more valuable leads. We believe in hardwork,passion and perfection.

Hustle, Create , Repeat


Amidst the plethora of options and unruly jargon of the marketing world we found an opportunity to be a brand that is straight and result oriented . We are not sales men, We are creative people


We are here for the little guy. Thousands of businesses cannot operate because they are unable to reach their local audience and generate constant flow of operational income, Having a local first approach is beneficial to increase the reputation within the operational space.


Most of the marketing companies are very uptight about how they go about projects. We are just a passion bunch of people who want to work on interesting projects. So, we provide service and price flexibility that no other company usually does


Timely delivery is as important as quality of the work done. We always ensure we meet the deadlines and provide proper timelines upfront to have smoother project transactions


Work-life balance is very important at Mad Parrot. We are a very tiny family and we will continue to care about our employees and continue integrating fun activities to keep work fun


We invest a lot of time in learning and upskilling ourselves based on the latest trends . Learning and growth as an individual are integral parts of Mad Parrot.

Our Special Team

We’ve come a long way since the past year and we are only getting stronger each passing day.

Calm , relaxed and always smiling.

Digital Marketer

The go to person for all the operations at madparrot.


Multi-tasker with Design and development tasks at mad parrot.

We are friendly and we won’t bite.

Our Clients

A healthy relationship is our priority. We’ve had opportunity to work with some good entrepreneurs who care about their brands very deeply.